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Ashburton Tyres purchase two new servicing bays.

Here at Ashburton Tyres we are proud to announce that we have recently expanded our business by adding two brand new servicing bays.

In March 2014 we paid to have another two servicing bays installed alongside our two existing servicing bays.The main reason why we had these new servicing bays installed was to maintain our customer satisfaction, we understand how stressful it can be finding a reliable and affordable garage to service your car and that is why we have increased our number of servicing bays so we now have the correct assets to service your car even during busy periods.

Ashburton Car Servicing
Car Servicing Ashburton Tyre Fitters Ashburton Ashburton Tyre Fitting Ashburton Tyre Fitters

Ashburton Car Servicing   Michelin release new airless tyres.

Are pnuematic tyres on the road to extinction? The answer will depend on the fortune of innovative products like Michelin's "Tweel".

The Michelin Tweel is a single unit that has been designed to replace the current tyre/wheel/valve assembly. With this innovative product there is no need for complex wheel/tyre mounting equipment. Once they have been bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain.

The Michelin Tweel can increase productivity as they provide greater stability and they enable skid steer to work faster with more comfort for the operator, this reduces drive fatigue while improving productivity. The Tweel provides a consistent footprint with strong wear life that is two to three times that of the pnuematic tyre at equal tread depth.

The Michelin Tweel performs like a normal tyre, however with the Tweel you will avoid the risk and costly downtime associated with punctures and impact damage.


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